Cre8audio Eurorack modular synthesizer case (NiftyCASE)

Price: $199.99
(as of Aug 03,2021 05:25:32 UTC – Details)

The Cre8audio NiftyCASE is a moderately sized Euro rack case with huge possibilities! The NiftyCASE is a great place to start when building a stylish, portable eurorack system. NiftyCASE is more than just a basic eurorack case; It provides all the power and connection possibilities You could possibly ask for. NiftyCASE offers a beefy 2A of cumulative current via its +12V -12V and +5V power rails, ideal for all your modules. Connecting your NiftyCASE to computers or MIDI devices is a breeze thanks to the built-in MIDI to CV conversion. NiftyCASE takes either din-midi from any din-midi device or USB-MIDI from your computer and turns it into eurorack compatible CV, gate, Mod, and clock signals. Niftycase’s din-midi thru lets you easily daisy-chain multiple niftycases and easily integrate NiftyCASE with your MIDI equipment. The NiftyCASE is the perfect size for a portable eurorack case being 84HP wide; that means NiftyCASE isn’t super tiny or super huge. We asked Cre8audio how long it took their R&D team to arrive at the perfect size; They told it was just the right size for all of the cardboard boxes they bought to ship it to you in. It’s a case with nifty features, it’s the NiftyCASE…. apparently they took ages thinking that one up.
Din-midi in & thru
2x CV/Gate out
Mod and clock outputs
External PSU in
10 Gaming flying bus
+12V 1500mA