Eau Large Charcoal Chimney Starter, 11×7 Inch Chimney Starter with Set Fireplace Accessories for BBQ Charcoal Grill Briquette Coal Fire Starter Chimney, Quick Rapid Fire Briquette Charcoal Starter

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Dimensions: 11” height 7” wide 7” long
Item weight: 2.3 pounds
Material of canister: Zinc plated steel
Material of handle: Nylon

Easiest: Easy and clean setup of heating charcoal. Our chimney starter is not need to use any lighter fluid in the outdoor garden grill. Your delicious food won’t be tainted by any chemicals.
Fastest: The generous ventilation holes will ensure the charcoal have excellent air circulation and heat generation.
Cheapest Method: Just use some burning newspaper or other papers at the bottom of charcoal can canister starter.
Safer: A nylon handle of charcoal chimney starter plus heat shield for protection against heat transfer.
More efficient: lighting charcoal with a charcoal chimney starter is incredibly faster.

1 x Charcoal Chimney Starter
1 x Portable air blower
1 Pair of Heat resistant BBQ glove

1.Please do not put the newspaper or papers in too tightly as this will restrict air flow necessary for the paper to burn efficiently.
2.Pinch out or stick out some newspaper at two or three places for easy igniting.

Large Charcoal Chimney Starter set come with large capacity charcoal starter, portable air blower and BBQ glove which make sure your coals can be nicely done.
Up to 4 pounds of coal can be easily hold by 11.5″ x 7″ x 7” body size of steel charcoal lighter with nylon handle effectively protect your hands from heat. Steel of chimney starter is zinc plated for rusting resistance and long life.
Lighting coal is incredibly faster due to bigger diameter and more number of air holes in bottom of chimney fire starter. The increased air flow allows 3 times faster than commonly used flat square starters.
Coal chimney starter great for fireplace, BBQ, wood stoves, fire pits, barbecues,, campfires, pizza ovens.
By using chimney starter to set fire ensure there is no chemical when you cook, no lingering lighter fluid taste on food and no solvent smell in the air. It also works great in outdoor.