Leaf Blower – 20V Leaf Blower Cordless with Battery & Charger, Electric Leaf Blower for Lawn Care, Battery Powered Leaf Blower Cordless Lightweight for Snow Blowing (Battery & Charger Included)

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Product Description

Battery Time for High Speed Mode:

15 min

30 min

Battery Time for Low Speed Mode:

20 min

40 min


Wake up in the morning and want to tidy up the courtyard, but worry about the sound of the leaf blower waking up the neighbors?

The leaves have just blown half the yard, but the blower has been out of power?

The handle of the leaf blower is uncomfortable, arms sore after every time using?

Bought a professional leaf blower, assembling it for over 1 hour but still failed?

Bought a blower as a high payment, but found it was just a bare tool?

Still using a wired leaf blower, have to buy an extended strip?

The tube is too short, you must bend down to use?

The tube is too long, and it does not suit for blowing the car window?

SnapFresh is tailored for you!



SnapFresh leaf blowers are developed to remove leaves from the street, garden, and lawn. A fan inside the leaf blower causes a flow of air, which can be used to blow leaves away.

What’s in the box:

1×fast charger

1×upper tube

1×lower tube

1×bare tool

1×user manual

1×20V/ 2.0Ah battery


Before cleaning and maintenance, always switch off the machine and remove the battery pack.
Clean the machine casings regularly with a soft cloth, preferably after each use. Make sure that the ventilation openings are free of dust and dirt.
Remove very persistent dirt using a soft cloth moistened with soapsuds. Do not use any solvents which will damage the tool.
In order to maintain the battery’s capacity, please store the leaf blower with the battery fully charged while not using it.

Technical Specifications:

Model No. —————- BBT-YOR01

Rated voltage ———– 20V

Max. Air Velocity ——— 60MPH & 130MPH

Weight ——————- 1.22 kg

Sound pressure level —- 78.8 dB(A) K=2.5 dB(A)

Sound power level —— 88.2 dB(A) K=1.04 dB(A)







Powerful & Adjustable Motor

Equipped with the upgraded motors which can run up to 130MPH, also a 60MPH gentle mode for you to choose. SnapFresh cordless leaf blower can provide sufficient power for you!

Intimate Design

Flexible Rubber Grip can effectively prevent you from slipping and provide you with a more comfortable grip experience.

2-Section Tube Design Create More Usage Possibilities for You.

Get Start in 1-min

This battery leaf blower can be assembled in 1 minute, All functions controlled in 1 button.

Our electric blower also provides 2 speeds (60MPH/130MPH) for you to chooce.







Super Battery Performance

This cordless leaf blower is equipped with a 20V/2.0Ah lithium-Ion battery & a fast charger, You can observe the battery level through the power indicator at any time.

Multi-way for Using

With adjustable speed level & adjustable tube length, whether dust-blowing, leaves-blowing, or snow-blowing, SnapFresh can meet your multiply daily needs.

Ultra-Light Body

SnapFresh leaf blower cordless has a weight less than 2.7 lbs, you can easily handle it with 1 hand, From the first SnapFesh leaf blower, free your hands, and stay away from fatigue!



Advanced Motor and Turbo Engine Tech; Snapfresh leaf blower equipped copper motor, with advanced turbo techs the motor could provide longer product life span and reduce energy consumption than traditional engine; Besides, snapfresh cordless leaf blower applied turbocharging technology which increased the max air output to 130mph; Snapfresh is the mark of better user experience with higher sustainability
Dual Speed Mode with Adjustable Blowing Tubes; Snapfresh cordless leaf blower cordless carries speed adjusting function; The 2 in 1 design realizes the aim of changing operating scenario by simply pushing the switch; Two modes, 60mph to 130mph, could help you easily convert from indoor work to outdoor work; With adjustable blowing tubes, people with all height would find out a comfortable using experience
Ultra-lightweight and Ergonomic Design; Snapfresh understand customer’s needs of house working tool; Snapfresh cordless leaf blower designed for family work has a super light body which weight less than 2.7lb, can be comfortably operated by one hand; The handgrip is wrapped with flexible rubber, helps you prevent slipping when using; Snapfresh, refresh your house working experience
Full Accessory, Battery and Charger Included; Snapfresh leaf blower is the first choice for your family, we provide all accessories you need to start your work immediately; No need for extra purchase like other brands; The included 2.0ah 20v battery could support you for 20-min work for the first mode and 15-min work for the second mode. A full charge will take 1 hour using included fast charger (please do not charge overnight)
Quick Assembly, All for The User; Snapfresh’s mission is ‘to make people’s life easier’, all product by Snapfresh is designed base on this mission; our products are lightweight, well fitted and could be assembly within minutes